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06/21/2018 00:40Borisoglebsk-2 EW system delivered to a Russian military base in Tajikistan    ( Army Recognition )
A Borisoglebsk-2 electronic warfare (EW) system has been delivered to Russia's military base in Tajikistan, the Russian Central Military District's press ...
01/24/2018 17:00Tried to make it to Norway, ended up in Russian jail    ( The Independent Barents Observer )
In the autumn 2015, some 5,500 migrants where allowed to leave Russia and enter Norway at the Borisoglebsk-Storskog border checkpoints. The so-called “Arctic Migrant Route” ended in late November 2015.
10/03/2017 07:35ÂŤThis border checkpoint to Russia should be open 24/7Âť    ( The Independent Barents Observer )
Top Norwegian transport officials argue that the Storskog-Borisoglebsk ... be a modernization of the Storskog-Borisoglebsk border crossing points.
09/26/2017 11:25Pride Parade participants stopped by FSB on return to Russia    ( The Independent Barents Observer )
Returning to Russia in bus on Sunday, three of the participants were taken aside by two non-uniformed FSB employees at Borisoglebsk border ...
09/20/2017 16:25The Life of Herzl Melcer AKA Lt. Iwan Siemienowicz Pidlowskij    ( Jewish Link of New Jersey )
... and suggesting that they meet there. Meanwhile, the Germans were coming near, and shortly an evacuation order was given to leave Borisoglebsk.
09/20/2017 16:25America Is Getting Outclassed by Russian Electronic Warfare    ( The National Interest Online )
It has become clear to the U.S. military that Russian investment in electronic warfare capabilities may have outpaced anything available in the West.
07/24/2017 05:30What These Pictures Of Two Russian Yak-130 Jets That Crash Landed Almost Simultaneously in ...    ( The Aviationist (blog) )
Two Yak-130 Jets Have Crashed Simultaneously in Armavir and Borisoglebsk Last Month. And Here's An Investigation On The Root Causes.
07/20/2017 21:45An Eastward Flight From Poland in 1941    ( Jewish Link of New Jersey )
It was late afternoon when the train arrived in Borisoglebsk, a city located not far from Voronezh, south of Moscow. Here life seemed to proceed at a ...
07/14/2017 02:05Syrians detained on Russia's border to Norway    ( The Independent Barents Observer )
In the autumn 2015, about 5,500 migrants were allowed to leave Russia and enter Norway at the Borisoglebsk-Storskog border checkpoints.
01/11/2017 12:10Lapland, Kola border traffic hits six-year low    ( The Independent Barents Observer )
Some 900 less border-crossings were counted at Salla, Lotta/Raja-Joosepi and Storskog/Borisoglebsk in the period from December 30 to January 8 ...
08/25/2016 18:00Norway to build fence on border with Russia to curb refugee inflow    ( RT )
The new fence will be 200 meters long and 3.5 meters high and will stretch from the Storskog-Borisoglebsk border crossing that will also be equipped ...
03/08/2016 18:11Russian Defense Modernization Plan To Include Development Of EW Systems    ( )
Russian Armed Forces' modernization plan will include the development of advanced electronic warfare systems Borisoglebsk-2 and Rtut-BM systems ...
03/07/2016 18:16Invisible Warfare: Russia Touts Second-to-None Jamming Equipment    ( Sputnik International )
Russia's most advanced electronic warfare systems, Borisoglebsk-2 and Rtut, add significantly to the country's defense capabilities, according to the ...
01/26/2016 17:51Russia Closes Arctic Border to Norway Amid Security Concerns    ( The Moscow Times (registration) )
Moscow has confirmed the closure of the Borisoglebsk-Storskog border crossing between Russia and Norway for "security reasons," the Deutsche ...
11/05/2015 18:56Units of Russia's Eastern Military District Hold Electronic Warfare Drills    ( Sputnik International )
Compared to the previous generation of this system, the Borisoglebsk 2 has a wider range of radio surveillance and suppression, higher-speed ...
04/14/2015 17:10Blasting on Tuesday for Russia's new check point to Norway   (BarentsObserver)
Border traffic is down nearly 30 percent, but construction of new border check-point at Borisoglebsk will be built to facilitate three times today's traffic.
02/09/2015 17:05Russian Mechanized Infantry Receives New Electronic Warfare System   (Sputnik International)
Troops will train in electronic surveillance and electromagnetic suppression using the new Borisoglebsk-2V system, which is designed for battlefield ...
02/05/2015 17:15Traffic over Norwegian-Russian border drops by one third   (BarentsObserver)
Passport queues are shorter today than a year ago. Here from the control desk at the Russian checkpoint Borisoglebsk. (Photo: Thomas Nilsen).

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